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Docker on Windows 10 Home edition and WSL

Recently I started learning about Docker for reproducible research. I also wanted to try the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 10.

Docker on Windows 10 Home

My old Thinkpad X230 only has Windows 10 Home, which means I could not install Docker for Windows, as it requires Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise edition. The alternative for Windows 10 Home edition is to install Docker Toolbox.

Docker engine on Windows

The docker engine does not run natively on Windows, it has to run on a linux virtual machine. The difference is the hypervisor of choice. Docker for Windows uses a linux VM running on Hyper-V, which runs natively on Windows 10 Pro, but not on Windows Home. Docker Toolbox instead uses a linux VM running on Virtualbox, which runs on Windows Home.

This guideline for setting up Docker on WSL and Windows 10 was useful to set up docker on Windows Home. If you prefer, you can also install the linux VM on the free VMWare player as an alternative to Virtualbox to run the Docker engine. Follow this guide

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